Virtual Museum of the Gas Industry

This space is devoted to preserving some of the history of natural gas transmission and distribution systems. Stay tuned – more exhibits are planned. Enjoy!

Why a Virtual Museum?

Most gas transmission and distribution systems can be viewed as amalgams of different technologies installed at different times during system’s life. Why these technologies were selected, and how they were installed, can impact long term system performance. 

As experience employees retire or otherwise move on, the “whys” and the “hows” are lost unless recorded and remembered. Without full understanding of the performance and limitations of existing technology, the system designer or operator will not have the information necessary to make the best design or operating choices.

One of the main purposes of this “Virtual Museum” is to give today’s gas system operator a window on the past technologies that often form the foundations of their current systems.

The Virtual Museum is a work in progress. It will evolve as more information becomes available and as directed by feedback from gas industry professionals such as yourself.