ACME GAS is a simulated gas distribution system consisting of an integrated collection of documentation and software models developed using commercial “off-the-shelf” application packages. The purpose of this tool is to provide a realistically detailed learning environment for solving gas distribution engineering and operating problems.

ACME GAS includes:

1. A geospatial model based on the Delorme X-Map™ application package. Digitized topographical maps, aerial photographic surveys, satellite data, elevation information and vectorized road grid datasets are overlaid with gas distribution system-specific layers of information to provide a comprehensive geospatial picture of the system. Examples of layers include:

  • Pipe segment type, size and location by system (feeder, medium pressure, low pressure)
  • Location of major system loads
  • City gate and district regulator locations
  • Leak progression maps
  • Segmentation layer for risk analysis

2. Network analysis models using GASWorkS™ modeling software for modeling pressures and flows within the system.

3. Computer-based “toolboxes” such as GASCalc™ to facilitate solving of gas engineering and operating problems.

4. Spreadsheet-based economic and phyiscal models using Microsoft Excel™. Worksheets are integrated so that changes in one worksheet affects all related worksheets (for example, changing the expected annual usage of an industrial customer impacts the income statement). Examples of such information currently modeled or under active development include:

  • Pipe inventory
  • DOT annual report
  • Load estimation worksheets for residential, commercial and industrial customers
  • Peak hour load information by node
  • Risk models for feeder/transmission system
  • Repair/replace model
  • Financial ratios, income statement and balance sheet, operating budget, cost information
  • Project cost estimation planner

5. A system design manual documenting facilities, loads, modeling parameters and boundaries, planning and operating scenarios, the modeling process and capacity planning  information and guidance.